culture, collaboration and leadership

The ability to interact on a foot of equality despite differences in function, to have constructive exchanges despite differences of viewpoints, to reach alignment despite differences of interests.


Inner alignment is what matters most.

It is from that place of wisdom that we find clarity of thought, meaning and vitality in our actions and interactions.

We train and coach people in leadership roles to grow more aware of their power and of their impact on others and the system around them.

We help people at all levels become forces for transformation, great facilitators and coaches. Grounded, centred and generative.

Our leadership programs are specifically designed to let you experience what it is to think, feel and act from your core being.

In our individual work with leaders, we offer a structural sounding board for exploring new perspectives on current challenges.

Our 360° impact questionnaire supports leadership coaching for managers.



When individuals embrace diversity and show up fully, teams become powerful sources for systemic change.

We help cross-functional teams become highly synergistic. Be it for new teams to start on a quality basis, for mature teams to grow further or for teams in crisis.

We facilitate time-out moments and assist teams on-the-job. Our Team Scan reveals strengths and growth potential. We provide training on the fundamental skills of dialogue, meta communication, feedback and alignment.


Quality outcomes, in teams and beyond, are the result of quality conversations.

We facilitate vision workshops, strategic meetings and participation processes.

Being content-neutral, we secure the quality of your gatherings and make sure that your goals are met. Even in the most heated atmospheres, we know how to involve all participants, and promote interaction by all on an equal basis.


Our angle is organisational congruence.

Since organisations are developing a culture anyway, it is useful to understand whether the behaviours stimulated in the day-to-day support the vision, the values and the strategy.

We offer an efficient way to gain clarity on the factors driving your culture and your levers for change. The exercise provides you with precise and actionable feedback at organisational, team and individual level.

We accompany organisational units that want to see values translated into behaviours.

Combining our expertise in facilitation with the most validated and researched tools on the market, we make culture development achievable.

Over the years...

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Who we are

We are facilitators, coaches, mediators and advisors.

We combine diverse backgrounds and expertise, ranging from project management, BPM, Agile and Scrum to group dynamics, experiential learning, Gestalt, System Thinking and Co-active Coaching.

Throughout our projects, we have evolved in a solid international network of colleagues, our community of practice.

Our approach is pragmatic. Rooted in experience. In all our interventions, our aim is to help evolve mindset, behaviour and context. We combine our know-how with powerful science-based tools and proven concepts. We deliver with structured approaches and do best in crisis and chaos.

We love our work.


Imène Benhaddou Annemie Van Eenaeme Wim Vander Elst Kris De Ridder

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